Spring-loaded Connector

              The cage spring wiring unit can be operated from both vertical and horizontal directions, wire-to-board connection, and various wiring methods

              Spring Loaded Miniature Terminals

              Using cage spring wiring technology, the product is exquisite and flexible in assembly, which can meet the more demanding space requirements of customers

              Spring Loaded Rail Terminals

              With universal mounting feet, it can be installed on U-shaped guide rail NC35, with large pressing force, good shock resistance and air tightness

              Spring Loaded PCB Terminals

              Using cage spring and leaf spring wiring technology, the use of combined splicing technology increases the flexibility and diversity of products

              Screw Connector

              Screw terminal units can be operated from both vertical and horizontal orientations, making both pre-wired and field wiring easier and simpler

              Screw Rail Terminals

              Closed screw guide holes ensure ideal screwdriver operation. Equipped with uniform accessories for terminals of several cross-section grades

              Industry Solutions

              Industrial Automation Solutions

              Industrial Automation Solutions

              The application of connectors in industrial control products will encounter security protection problems, and Jintong Electronics' connectors perfectly solve such problems.

              Power Industry Solutions

              In the process of power generation, transmission and distribution, and distribution network, the number of on-site equipment and users' requirements for equipment also increase. During the entire working cycle of power equipment products, Jintong provides reliable and safe connections.

              Power Industry Solutions
              Lighting Industry Solutions

              Lighting Industry Solutions

              In order to realize the sustainable development of lighting products, Jintong provides customers with a series of professional electrical connection solutions. Its excellent and advanced quality and technology can meet the application needs of users in any occasion.

              Rail Transit Solutions

              The application of spring pressure connection technology makes maintenance-free connection possible for short-distance and long-distance transportation, and Jintong Electronics can provide more comprehensive solutions.

              Rail Transit Solutions